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Can We Save Our Oceans?

About JammTime

Being passionate about your art, mastering it and being able to perform it in a way that hundreds and thousands feel a magical connection with it is nothing short of a blessing! And artists live this blessing every single day. We at JammTime, believe in making the journey from working in the studio to selling your records easier by helping you in every way possible under one single roof so you can use your time and efforts to make your art shine even better.

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Audio Production

What we do?

Audio Production

since 2015

Image by Jonathan Velasquez

We Produce, Record, Mix & Master your song to give you industry-grade complete music production under one roof.

We are passionate to bring out the “soul” from any music genre, be it a Bhajan to Electronic Music or any sort of Background scoring required for your Documentary, Feature or Ad Film. We Produce, Record, Mix & Master your music to give you industry-grade complete music production under one roof.

Music Video Production
Image by Alexander Andrews

Music Video Production

since 2018

The way we film our videos for clients is based on the passion that we have in our work to create effective quality content. The creativity, teamwork, idea sharing, skills, gears and the client’s involvement make our state-of-the-art videos. We believe in creativity more than anything and we make sure maximum of it at every stage of production.

Music Distribution & Marketing

Music Distribution & Marketing

since 2020

Image by Mick Haupt

Sell your music on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, JioSaavn, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Wynk, & more and we just don't stop there, we make sure the hard work you have put through to create the masterpiece doesn't go in vain. With our exclusive music marketing & PR services, we make your song reach a level like never before.

Digital Artist Management
Image by Green Chameleon

Digital Artist Management

since 2021

Our Digital Artist Management program is a complete online solution designed for artists so that they can shine independently. We are here to help you negotiate the online world and connect you with your target audience. We decide how your online presence should be, and help you create it in a way that your audience knows you and is updated about your work all the time.

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